[direct drinking machine] can you drink the water for a long time


Straight drink machine(RO WATER PURIFIER

Direct drinking machine, as its name suggests, is a machine and equipment that purifies water so that it can be drunk directly. It belongs to a kind of household appliances. Through multi-level purification, the tap water in the family can achieve the effect of direct drinking.

Direct drinking machine is a water purification machine that filters and purifies municipal raw water (physical method) to produce direct drinking water for people, also known as terminal water purification equipment. Take the municipal tap water whose water quality meets the provisions of drinking water (GB5749-2006) as the raw water, and filter the pollutants in the water through various filtration and adsorption units, such as hormones, antibiotics, heavy metals, peculiar smell and odor, residual chlorine, some disinfection by-products and organic pollutants, so as to produce water for direct drinking.

Can the water of the direct drinking machine be drunk for a long time(UNDERSINK WATER FILTER

Generally, there is no problem with the direct drinking water of the household direct drinking machine with guaranteed quality. As long as the filter element is replaced regularly, there is no potential health hazard, because the greatest function of drinking water is to supplement the water of the human body.

Direct drinking water is actually the water quality after RO membrane reverse osmosis filtration. The RO membrane pore diameter of the reverse osmosis pure water machine reaches 1 nm. Under this aperture, inorganic salts, heavy metal ions, hormones, antibiotics, organics, bacteria, viruses and other impurities in the water cannot pass through. The particulate impurities in the water have basically been removed. The water quality can be said to be very excellent. It is the water quality that can be directly drunk into the human body.(RO WATER PURIFIER RECOMMENDATION

Post time: Apr-15-2022